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Vizuro Certified as "AI Service Organization" in AOI/Yield Optimization

Vizuro continues to develop #AIAOI (artificial intelligence application on automatic optical inspection) technology and our AI capabilities are recognized by the Industrial Development Bureau of the Ministry of Economic Affairs as we're honored to be certified as "Artificial Intelligence Service Organization", which provides the manufacturing industry with AOI/yield optimization and preventive maintenance service.

Vizuro has launched a variety of AIAOI solutions in the field of smart manufacturing, featuring a simple and easy-to-use operation interface to meet the production line needs of manifold customers:

🎯Anomaly detection: Only requires flawless images without manually labeling defect images to efficiently train the AI model through unsupervised learning algorithms.

🎯Defect classification: Accurately labeling various defects by different categories while sharpening the performance of overkill rate and leakage rate through supervised learning algorithms.

🎯Causal inference: Discovers the root causes of defects across the production process to select the right remedy and optimize yield management instead of establishing a gold standard.

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