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"We have many platforms producing predictions, but nothing works and nobody knows why." - Anonymous Client

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Discover hidden signals from integrated multimodal data

Real-world data come in different forms: images, texts, time series, and more, but finding "what" is relevant can be challenging. Vizuro's data staging and integration platform, DataFusion, specializes in integrating massive, high-dimension, mix-modal data for holistic modeling like humans do with multiple senses, so that key signals are not obliviated. Capability highlights:

  • Preprocessed external data sources to enrich your internal data asset

  • Cross-modal, synthetic data generation for model building without actual training sets

  • Site-to-site data transformation for federated learning while preserving privacies


Data Augmented

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Explainable Models

Data Shift Robustness 

What-Ifs Exploration

Build causal models that ponder what-ifs and explain why

Black-box models are often biased and cannot be trusted. To answer the question of "why", our AI does causal discovery, by sifting through millions of hypothesis and A/B testing from data automatically. 

Decisions often beg the "what-if" questions, and this is where correlation-based predictive models fail. Vizuro's modeling tool, ModelCraft, is capable of envisioning - inferring impact of actions via counterfactual simulations, like Dr. Strange does in the multiverse. Capability highlights:

  • Causal graph generation from historical data

    • Key features identification​

    • Response curve assessment

    • Editable to incorporate prior knowledge

  • Scenario simulation​



Make mission-critical decisions with pivotal foresights and action roadmaps

Empowered by the causal intelligence from ModelCraft, you can answer the "how" questions with our highly configurable decision augmentation platform, ActionWorks. It contain suites of domain-specific apps that manifests the optimal course of actions with deployment roadmap based on infrastructure maturity, resource and budget, to deliver immediate impacts and max long-term ROI. Capability highlights:

  • Constrained, stochastic optimization to handle resource availability and changing dynamics

  • Mixture and priority of actions (e.g., marketing mix and omnichannel)

  • Cadence of actions (e.g, next best actions)


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