Blackbox AI Platform

Easy. Fast. Secure.

Blackbox models obtained from common algorithms (e.g., deep learning) often encounter roadblocks in deployment due to their lack of explainability, hence trust by human. 

Vizuro’s AI platform solves this challenge through collaborative intelligence and causal inference: encoding human knowledge into predictive features that can be reasoned, and providing handy tools to answer "why" and "what-if" questions that allow users to tweak driving features and see the outcomes.

All solutions are highly customizable, deployment-ready according to your needs.


Accelerated Drug Discovery

Robotic Lab Assistant

Expedite precision medicine

with our bioinformatics suite.

It assists drug discovery by sifting out promising drug-target candidates from medical publications and clinical trial database using NLP technologies, speeds up genomic sequencing throughput by variant calling automation, and provides personalized diet and supplement recommendation from microbiome profiling.

Automated Visual Inspection

Reduce defects and downtime

before they haunt your production lines and undermine product quality.


By combining AI with IoT (Internet-of-Things) and sensor technologies, we automate defect identification, root-cause modeling, preventive maintenance, and yield management.  Applications include real-time, automatic photomask and wafer defect classification.


Precision Marketing


Reach your targets precisely and effectively

with the right marketing mix and maximize your ROI.


Our novel solution addresses the shortcomings of conventional regression models with Machine Learning algorithms to accurately capture the responses by all your sales and marketing activities at the most granular level. 

Applications include sales forecasting, marketing mix modeling, spend optimization, reach & frequency planning, and incentive & compensation design.

Computer-Aided Diagnosis

Empower physicians with machine vision

for accurate detection and diagnosis.

We developed a suite of groundbreaking AI tools for radiology and pathology to enable preventive screening on cancers and major diseases to save overall healthcare cost.

Applications include contrast-free MRI, CT scan, biopsy, and diabetic retinopathy.


Preventive Healthcare

3D Scans

Enhance quality of care

while reducing waste via a solution suite that analyze clinical and financial performance, predict patient risks, identify waste, and optimize operations. 


Featured applications include quality scorecards, DRG prediction, readmission mitigation, and OR scheduling optimization.

Fraud Detection & Cost Containment

Stethoscope on the Cardiogram

Manage risks and contain costs

via AI-powered claim auditing, outlier and fraud detection, member risk profiling, preventive intervention, and treatment pathway optimization. 


Solutions are deployed at health plans and public health authorities.